Friday, December 07, 2007

YouTube under scrutiny

They say, "There is nothing free in this world. " and "Everything comes with a price tag."
So is the case with YouTube. Yeah, you don't pay bucks, as yet, but the price is not only paid in bucks, then.

As Slashdot reports:

"University of Toronto researchers have uncovered widespread misinformation in videos on YouTube related to vaccination and immunization. In the first-ever study of its kind, they found that over half of the 153 videos analyzed portrayed childhood, HPV, flu and other vaccinations negatively or ambiguously. They also found that videos highly skeptical of vaccinations received more views and better ratings by users than those videos that portray immunizations in a positive light. According to the lead researcher, 'YouTube is increasingly a resource people consult for health information, including vaccination. Our study shows that a significant amount of immunization content on YouTube contradicts the best scientific evidence at large. From a public health perspective, this is very concerning.' An extract from the Journal of the American Medical Association is available online."


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