Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fragrances on the Web

Fragrances on the Web

Exhalia is a French product to satisfy the olfactory senses on the web; a scent-machine which comes in the innocent size of a printer. How does it work?

"The creation of an olfactory multimedia application can be summarised into three steps: a web designer writes the scent scenario and inserts commands for the diffusion of smells in the pages of the site. The corresponding information is transported by the network (name of scent, length of diffusion, intensity of diffusion). The driver translates this information for the diffuser. The diffuser is composed of a box containing fragrances in the form of removable cartridges, a format which all multimedia users are used to. Each cartridge provides up to 3 months of scent diffusion. Once used up, they can be replaced as simply as a toner cartridge in a printer."

I wonder if this invention will take off, and what industries find the most use for it. And if it does become a standard one day, will we be able to search for specific fragrances?


Is there a tool in which you could enter a search query and a site's URL to then find out the position of that site within the Google result? Yes, there is a tool doing just that: it's called Googlerankings.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Microsoft & Google.

Well its quite IN, talking about the ongoing cold war between Microsoft & Google. Yes you are right! Google is not a comparison of MS, while Google being just a (Quality)Search Engine, and MS being the owner of world's most used OS, Office Suite, IE and the list is long.

But the war is there, and it is Microsoft who started it!

Here is an in-depth analysis of the battle field, by Charles H. Ferguson: Whats Next for Google.

PS: You'll need a bunch of minutes to read it completely.

Googleplex Photos

Chris Breikss at 6S Marketing took some meetings at Google during the fall, and has posted photos of the outside and inside of the Googleplex.

EPIC 2014

Well no comments, you better see for yourself.

EPIC 2014

Cooper 2020

"Welcome to the Cooper 2020 presidential campaign website. Matt Cooper is a 21 year old college student running for president in the year 2020 because this will be the first election in which he will be old enough to qualify as a candidate."

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